Insoles for wedge sandals!

So I bought a pair of wedge sandals online. They just arrived and they're a bit too big :( I really like them, so I was wondering what type of insoles I can put in them that won't show (since they're sandals) to hopefully make them fit better


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  • Depends on how big they fit. You could try DrScholls Expression or Open Shoes insoles, they both work for open shoes or sandals. If the construction of the shoe allows it, there are also this shoe inserts that go over ball of foot/toes that won't let foot slide front, so shoes will feet better.

  • Try and return them if you can. If you can't here's what I would do, get some Dr Scholls for high heels and try those. I wear high heels almost everyday and almost always with pantyhose or thigh highs (even with wedges). The inserts will make them fit better but still might not be perfect. Good Luck!