What does a guy do that shows they are into you?

I have a cute guy friend my girls say he likes me (he told them). But I'm not too sure. Can you tell me what guys do that shows they are digging you?


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  • Repeated eye contact


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  • He sounds a little shy. wear something sexy and see if he checks you out. maybe even flirt with one of his friends. guys can never mask there emotions when it comes to there girl flirting with someone else.


What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on the guy but normally the guy will direct his conversation flows to you when your around. Speaking solely to you things like that. When you look at him he's normally looking at you (like making eye contact during a class or in the hall, assuming your in high school). He smile's a lot to you and plays games like taking your pen or scribbling on your paper. He talks to you when you pass him in the hall and bumps into you just for fun. That's how you know they like you.