What's a makeup, clothing, or accessory item that you like but can't or have a hard time pulling off?

I want guys to answer too!

Keep in mind that It has to be something that you actually like

Some bonus questions:

What makes you feel like you feel as though you can't pull it off?

What could make you be able to pull it off? Perhaps different weight, body type, features, hair color, etc.

Or do you just like it on other people and not on yourself?

For me I like skinny jeans. I won't say that I can't pull it off but I have a hard time with them, especially the colorful kind so I avoid them. I think it's because I am pear shaped. I think they look great on other girls though.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I wish I could wear lipstick but it just looks like too much on me. It makes me look like a whore. An old whore.

    Maybe if I had fuller lips it would look nice. I think it looks good on some girls though. Just not me.

    Oh and I wish I could color my hair black.

    Ive done it and I just look like a scary old witch. I'm not sure why I can't pull it off if I'm brown.

    I also wish I could cut my hair into a pixie like emma watson. Right now, my hair is a bit longer than hers. Its like agyness deyn's hair. But if I go any shorter, like emma watson, id look like a dyke. :(


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What Guys Said 3

  • Honestly, I don't think many girls can pull off a strapless dress AT ALL.

  • Facial hair. I look alright with stubble, but anything more makes me look scraggly and unkempt. Even when I keep it trimmed and well groomed I just don't look good.

  • hats. I wear them once in a while but I think they look weird on me anyways. maybe its my face shape or something, I dunno.


What Girls Said 2

  • I like the look of lipstick but I can't pull it off. :/ I think I look better with my natural lip color.. Because when I put on lipstick, my lips take over my face and I sort of look like a clown. Lipstick seems to work really well for people with thin lips though. When they wear it, their lips are still proportionate to their face and it looks gorgeous.

  • I really like darker eyemakeup ( smokey eyes) but I can't pull it off. Inlook like a clown. The "natural" look looks better on me unfortunately :D