If a guy has NF would that make girls be less attracted to that person?

I have NF and I worry that girls will not like me because of it.


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  • I[m not going to lie. It may make girls a little less attracted to you. If you're not as bad as those pictures though, maybe not.

    I know it sounds so cliche, but I really honestly think that any girl that wouldn't want you because of that isn't a girl you would want anyways. Some girls might find it unattractive more from a health aspect though. Girls wanna know that they have a big, strong man there to take care of them, so they're probably just a little scared that you might not be able to be their big, strong man, but that's on them because they didn't want to stick around and find out.

    Despite that, I don't think you will be alone forever or anything, I just think that immature girls will look the other way because they're stupid. I hope that answers your question. Sorry if it doesn't, and I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

    • The thing is though I feel like I will be alone forever.

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    • Well... I know I don't know you or anything, but just know that you'll be in my prayers, and that I have faith in you. And, I am confident that things will be okay. It won't be easy to get through it, but I think you'll come out of this so strong, and your kids are going to be so thankful to have a daddy as brave as you. If you need to talk, or if you need some encouraging words, I check on here a couple times a day, so don't hesitate to talk.

    • Thanks I appreciate that, it makes me feel good when people are nice.

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  • I don't think this is something to worry about. The girl you want to be with anyway will like you for you (as cliched as that sounds) and she will look beyond that. I think it just means you have to try harder than most guys. But once a girl truly falls for you (and I really think there is someone for everyone), I actually think she's going to be protective of you. If I really fall for a guy and he has some sort of disability (physical or otherwise), I think it will make me very protective of him and I might even find it a bit endearing (is this coming off as confusing?)

    It might make you physically less attractive to girls at first but if you are a beautiful person, everyone should be able to look beyond that. You just have to find the girls that are not excessively shallow.

    • I just always feel so shy and I can't talk to girls at all am not the best looking guy.

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    • I think maybe you are letting your NF get the best of you. The real problem is that you are too shy and lack some vital confidence. Don't worry about girls rejecting you because of NF; no mature and genuine girl would ever do that if they really like you. You don't have any female friends at the moment not because of the NF, but maybe you just aren't getting out there enough? My suggestion is to up the confidence; I think you'll definitely note a positive change once this happens.

    • I honestly do not know how to be confident I always get nervous when social situations arise.

  • what the hell is nf?


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  • what's NF?

    • Neurofibromatosis


      I am not as bad as some of the pictures show some people with it though.