Why do I have angry little man syndrome

I live in Austin, Texas and at 5'9" I am actually above average height of the majority of men, especially immigrants. But when I see a short girl with a giant it really pisses me off. Not because of my height but because of all the really short guys who probably get turned down because of height alone. I have vowed to hate all short girls with tall men. My sister is married to a giant and I hate that hag and it sux because I my neice and nephew are awesome. In fact my last girlfriend showed me a picture of her and her x-husband who was giant and I could not get away from that gaping worn-out hole fast enough. Could anybody else explain to me why I have these issues.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Because you are an angry little man. You said that it pisses you off not because of you're height, so you're saying that you are in fact short. Stop hating on the tall dudes with the small chicks they balance everything out in their offsprings.

    • I am an angry little man and because of that I will continue to defend my own kind by any means necessary. I'm glad that there are so many Mexicans, Arabs, and Orientals here to offset the whole tall man thing or I would really feel short. I am mad at short white women and will never do anything to help one again.

What Guys Said 1

  • I'm a tall guy and it pisses me of if I see a short guy with a bomb shell, it's called "jealousy" mate.

    • I don't think it is as much jealousy as hatred for short white women. If it was jealousy I would feel envious when I see white women with black men but I don't feel that at all. I am not mad at tall guys but I will be a real prick if they try to bully me. And yeah I have been in fights with bigger guys and unless they are stronger they don't stand a chance.