Male body waxing questions!

OK I have a couple questions about male waxing (body hair)

1- What is the pain compared to? Like what have you experienced that is close to that pain.

2-How much does a entire upper body waxing cost on average?


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  • Girls can handle more pain then guys. I think it hurts guys more. It depends what areas you are waxing if you want the whole upper body like both the back and belly its gonna be between 150-200. Its better to do it yourself and use a hair removal cream for 10.


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  • The pain is quick so its literally a second thing and it feels like a burn I suppose is what you can compare it to? a quick one second burn and then relief. Or being slapped really hard?

    Depending on the salon but usually in a good/decent salon its about $65+ (base and then more depending on how hairy you are) dollars for front of 75+ for the back.

    • does it leave you really smooth? or is there still stubble after?

    • completely smooth, you kinda take off a tiny layer of skin so you have baby soft skin which must be moisturizers after the waxing so you don't get a reaction to it but then you're smooth like a baby's bottom for a while. :) and even when its growing back, there's no stubble its a smoother grow back.

  • 1 It's not that bad. The first time it hurts the most, it does get better after that. But it depends on how much hair you have lol and how 'deep' the hairs are I guess. Just do it, it honestly isn't that bad.

    2 Depends on where you live.


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  • try Moom-4-men heat it in the microwave for like 15 seconds until its warm and runny like honey, and you get like 20 fabric strips that can be washed and reused over and over again along with sticks to apply it...

    hurts most the first time like being slapped (like upood said) but after about 3 times your skin get numb-ish and you can't feel it as much :)