MAM (moms against makeup)

why do some mothers not want their daughters to use makeup?


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  • I'm not a mum but my mum didn't let me wear make-up when I was in school although I never wanted to but I started using it during college and she hated it-at the moment I'm having a bet with her that I can go without make-up for two weeks (i'm winning at the mo because she doesn't know I've cheated lol). It's horrible for me because I think I look awful without it but my mum (and dad) hate that I wear it and always go on at me for wearing it. They say I look pretty anyway and I don't need to wear it (obvs they're gonna say that though lol) and I also think they just want me to stay their little girl and never grow up lol.


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  • My mom & dad didn't like me wearing makeup and tried to not let me for awhile.. I think they are against it because 1st make up then tight jeans then boys and they don't want their little girl to change. They don't want us to grow up and stay sweet and untouched from society for as long as possible =) Where that catcher in the rye when you need him ? ! ; )

  • Because they are girls, not women.

    They will spend their entire adult lives being pretty for their husband; they don't need to look like an adult when they are a child.

    • Read what rose red sunsets wrote. Does she sound like a kid to you?

    • Yes, she does.

      Even though her "age" says 18-24, that doesn't make her an adult. Just legal in this country. It's pretty easy to tell when someone has grown up- even just a little; by their grammar.

  • They think it's too mature for her daughter and is the beginning of her attracting boys which most parents don't want lol.


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