What is the difference between a guy saying...

What is the difference between a guy saying "you're absolutely beautiful" and "you're very pretty"?


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  • Probably nothing just trying to compliment you. If there eyes soften when saying your beautiful then its a little more romantic/ loving then very pretty. Pretty means physical, where as beautiful can mean inside and out.

    Most likely though he is just complimenting you.


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  • Well besides that both are compliments to make you feel good about yourself, it depends on the way he says it.

    A guy can tell every girl he sees "you're beautiful" and it won't mean as much as a guy telling his girl "you're the prettiest girl in the world to me".

    • Well, they are different people who are asking me out, etc., but as soon as they see me their first reaction is to comment on my looks. I tend to be very "classy" in terms of how I dress, but I'm told by both guys and girls that the look is very sexy. Guys always take a second look and comment on my body, but it seems to be a hollow appreciation of just the physical stuff, if that makes sense. I can't tell how sincere they are or whether they feel anything beyond just wanting sex.

  • no difference, their just compliments to boost your ego.


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