Tattoos or piercings on girls?

What do guys think about piercings or tattoos on girls? What is the limit? Is it a turn off to take her shirt off and she has nipple rings?


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  • This is very very dependent on the guy. Ever seen any pictures of suicidegirls? Some of them have tons of tattoos covering over 50% or more of their bodies and piercings in every place possible. Some guys get really turned on by it.

    Me, personally? I like earrings. Not like a whole ear of them, but more than one or two is OK. I don't mind belly button rings at times. Beyond that I don't like other piercings. I really really don't like nipple rings, don't ask me why. As for tattoos, that solely depends on the tattoo design, and where it is. So it's a case by case basis.


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  • Well I've got to tell you that the tattoos and piercings are a complete TURN-ON for me! Love the artwork of tattoos and the nipple rings?. Beautiful in my book!. I have a very good friend who no one would ever guess she has 7 tattoos and multiple piercings. She's hot and so are they!

  • Some tattoos might be OK, but piercings are a complete turn-off!

  • Nipple rings are a complete turn off. Don't ask me why, they just are.


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