I want to model?

I think I would be good at it. I like doing poses and I am pretty confident in myself most of the time. I have a very artistic personality and tend to be photogenic. I think I have a lot of potential and I don't want to pass up an opportunity.

Anyone got any advice for me? Which agency should I go to? I have no idea. Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction! Thanks in advance...


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  • First, you should get some advice on what kind of model you are best suited for (clothing, hair, legs etc). Some girls make tons of money just on eyes, for example. The pros know exactly what they are looking for, see things that have nothing to do with natural beauty as we would understand it and are utterly ruthless when they get it. A 25-year old model I knew, was relatively famous, was on a lot of covers and was miserable. She said her life was completely controlled since the age of 19. She was contracted for a year at a time, most of which was spent in a hotel room. Her sponsors (Revlon etc.) would have someone watching her at all times and would get totally paranoid if she so much as got the slightest amount of sun on her, or anything like that, that could in any way affect her face. Her passionate dream was to get out asap, be completely anonymous and by a small house where she could roll around in the mud every day lol.


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  • Well I'de recomend taking a modeling course in your area. Look up places that have modeling schools sometimes mall stores need models for there new clothes. Also check the internet by doing all these things, you'll become more succesful and then you can make a portfolio and when you find an agency you can show them all you have done.

  • girls will have to answer this, unless there's guys that model, on this site

    i can only say good luck, but I doubt you'll need it


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