What's so weird about short guys dating tall girls?

so much taboo it seems about shorter guys dating taller women. tall guys date shorter women all the time. I fail to see the problem. I love tall girls. especially the legs that just go on forever. I myself am only 5'9 but id date a girl much taller. have no problems dating a girl over 6'

i just think that most taller women for whatever reason want to date equally tall/taller men. I figure its because most women like feeling vulnerable and small towards their guy. rarely do I ever see this. just find it odd.


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  • i don't think there is anything wrong with it but if you were friends with me be ready for a few jokes like when you guys make out does she have to pick you up so you can reach her lips :D


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  • Look. if you like her and she likes you who gives a f***. What people consider "Taboo" relationships happen all the time (ie gay relationships, huge age gaps, etc). At the end of the day haters are ALWAYS gonna hate bro if it isn't the height difference it would just be something else. Just do what makes you happy.

    • whats with the anger? lol calm down

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    • why do that when I can make my own q? ha ha :P

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  • Society makes it weird.