I Have A Six Pack; She doesn't, So What Right?

So me and my girlfriend are VERY close and intimate and she always jokes how I am so ripped and she's just isn't built at all. I remind that I LOVE her body, she's a dancer (Ballet/Modern) and has curves and a wonderful shape so I don't need her to be ripped but she sometimes comes off as feeling bad that her body can't be 'perfect' for me- Which it is. So I know a lot of females are self conscious about their bodies, but what ELSE can I do to remind her how her body amazes me EACH time I see her?

I let her know all the time that I adore her body, I'm always affection from pleasuring, to holding her hand no matter where we are.

It always reminds me of that scene in "Crazy Stupid Love" when she told him to take his shirt off and she's like, "Really?! You look Photoshoped!" Haha, so yeah- any advice? Thanks!


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  • Dancers are the absolute most critical on their bodies even when they have some of the best bodies around. It comes with the territory, always around women with awesome bodies and the industry expecting you to look a keep a certain weight.

    You may find that she will never be satisfied with her body and will at least for the foreseeable future need that constant affirmation. The question is, are you okay with always having to tell her these things. You may not think she's hearing it, but she might say those things about herself just to hear you say it.

    I say, continue to say it, if you love her enough not to feel like a broken record. Eventually she'll at least believe that you do think she's perfect, even if she doesn't believe it for herself. Those abs of your can be a little intimidating.

    I wish you luck in love.

    • I am not AT ALL tired of saying it. I always enjoy seeing her :) So I will continue to tell her, and love her.


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  • no matter how many ways you find to tell her you love her body if she feels insecure there is nothing you can do to help her, she needs to accept her body first in order to feel comfortable, its not about you its about her and how she feels, you can make remark and tell her you love her figure but at the end of the day she is the one who can make herself comfortable in her own skin

    • Alright, well luckily she HAS gotten more comfortable with her body as our relationship continues, but I understand what your saying thanks!

    • yeah as long as you keep repeating I love your butt, waist, hips, it will come true to her ( even thought it is true) and she will become more comfortable

    • Great! Thanks.

  • haha. we girls say we don't believe what you guys say cause we wanna hear you say it again so you never forget about it. I really don't think your girlfriend wants a 6 pack cause its not really somehting a dancer normally has.

  • Am I the only one that finds it mindblowing that this girl's problem is that she DOESN'T have a six pack?

    • It's not the fact that she doesn't have a Six-Pack, its her body in general, she wishes it was better. I titled the question this for interest.

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    • Have you said she's the whole package ?

    • Not in those words, but I do show that I feel like that.

  • Use reverse psychology on her somehow

  • I think she's fishing for compliments.


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  • Girls are going to be insecure about whatever they are insecure about. Reassurance, shows you care but it doesn't resolve her insecurities. If she says something like is my ass to fat, just say something like, "definitely! That's the only reason I'm with you." either she'll laugh or be like "I'm serious...". If you can joke around about it in a nice way it will make her feel more comfortable. The more you feed her with it's "ok baby, I like you just the way you are", it seems the more they tend to think you are lying.

    • I like that- aright great! And yeah we can joke about EVERYTHING even when we are mad at the moment haha, so I'll do that next time. Thanks bro.

  • Ignore her, she will never believe you for some messed up reason which makes it seem like your opinion doesn't matter and causes headaches..