Girls: What is your opinion on medium length hair for guys and why?

I know most girls prefer shorter hair, but I also know some prefer medium, and others prefer long.

A couple of my friend-girls have told me to cut my hair, and I know that one of them told one of my guy friends that they would sleep with me if I cut my hair. Of course, my guy friend told me this immediately. I didn't think my hair would make that much of a difference. On the opposite side, I've got several friend-girls who tell me if I ever cut my hair short they will kill me.(One of them I might believe, she's batsh*t crazy, but that's another story)

Anyways, what's the general opinion of medium length hair on guys, and why do you like/dislike it?

Edit: Can't post a link, but if you Google "medium length hair guy" my hair is fairly similar to the 7th picture that pops up. That's actually close to how long my hair is before I have it cut

And Thanks for the replies!


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  • For some reason this question makes me think of Elliot from that TV show 'Leverage'. lol

    I think that having some hair is actually really attractive! Whether it's an inch long or up till your shoulders.

    A lot of guys I know have a buzz cut, which is OK, but I personally like some hair...Sure, some guys have nicer hair than others, and I'm sure there are some guys who couldn't pull it off, but if you can, I think it's really sexy :)

    That's silly that you heard that there are girls who said they would sleep with you if you cut your hair. I'm sure no matter how anyone looks, there will be that one shallow person who won't accept you no matter what...

    If you like your hair, don't cut it. That being said, hair grows back, so it's not the end of the world if you decide to go ahead and cut it, and don't like it as much.

    My advise? Just be yourself. Don't change something about yourself you don't necessarily want to change just to get laid. You'll find much cooler, nicer girls to be with who will like you AND your hair no matter what length it is :)

    • Oh, I have no intention of cutting my hair just so that I can get hookup with her. I have very few problems with dating, but I did find her comment to my friend pretty entertaining. I was just curious as to what the 'online' consensus was to hair length.

      Actually to be honest, the fact that she said 'IF' I cut my hair she would sleep with me pretty much ensures I won't be cutting it soon. Because now I have been presented a challenge hahah

    • lol...I'm glad :)

      Thanks for best answer btw!


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  • Very few guys can pull off really long hair, in my opinion. But a lot of guys can look nice with medium/shoulder-length hair. I think that those who can pull it off should at least try it. If it doesn't look right or you don't like it, cutting it is easy... just as easy as it was to grow out, except that took a little longer.

  • I like it dark. Straight. And down to he bottom of the shoulders. Longer is OK, if its thick. but shoulders looks best, imo.

  • I love long hair on guys! I definitely seem to prefer it actually.

  • Love long hair on guys, it just looks good and its fun to play with.

  • I don't know why, but I've been really into guys with longer hair o.o I think It's really hot ^.^

  • I like short hair on guys


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