Why do guys only care about looks?

I am not exactly pretty. Yes I might have a hot body but my face is ugly & I have that hard to tame frizzy curly short hair. My whole life I only got asked out twice by two jocks in HS and I thought it was a joke so I rejected them. Guys will talk to me or some are mean to me, I was told once I should put a paper bag over my face. So why do guys care about looks only? Or like to lead ugly girls on like me? I try going for guys in my league but they all tell me I can do better then them.


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  • They don't only care about looks. But they do matter a lot to guys.

    And what the hell are you complaining for? Two guys asked you out, and you shot them down for no other reason than you were paranoid about their motives.

    I tell you now, it's your personality, doing stuff like that, which will turn off more guys than even an ugly face.

    • no it wont.

      a hot girl with a stank attitude will still get guys.

      so lets not blame in on her

    • She'll get f***ed by guys, but she won't be able to keep them.


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  • We are genetically programmed to put quite a bit of emphasis on physical appearance but if you're a b*tch, goodbye. Almost no guy will settle for someone with a negatively oriented personality or behavior no matter how hot she is.

  • Women care about looks too.

  • All is fair in love and war.

    We would all like to know why things happen and why some people act the way they do, but these questions will remain unanswered most of the time so it serves us no purpose to think about them.

  • Men are visual creatures and we are shallow as f***...


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  • Guys don't only care about looks, it helps but it doesn't mean they'll just go, "I'll tap that" One of my fiance's friend has unbelievably shallow taste that they play a game with him, asking "Is this celebrity hot?" And he would go "No, she's unattractive." It could be Angelina Jolie and he'd find something to complain! However keep the mentality and attitude that it's not "everyone". It's offensive to those who are or believe they are not shallow. It's hurtful to be rejected that you go out of your way to say you like someone, but turns out they see you as a player or someone who leads girls on.

    No matter what age or gender, someone is going to make nice or bad remarks about you. I grew up remember only the bad and believing that I was ugly (it didn't help that my mom said that I wasn't that pretty). However I found out guys secretly adored me in all my classes and college they were more open about asking me out. I look exactly like I was 12, just taller, so I was never ugly. Guys were just shy to ask me out or immature on picking on me, saying I was ugly or whatever. Sometimes guys teasing means they like you but it sure makes me despise them instead lol. It's hard to tell the difference, but give them benefit of the doubt, test the waters, but don't give all of yourself. Find out if they're trustworthy enough first!

  • They don't ONLY care about looks. In high school they're shallow (and so are girls) but here's the thing...appearance is what attracts you to someone. NOT their personality. Personality is what determines if the person sticks around or not, but appearance is what starts it all off. Odds are you''ll get better looking with age. Good luck to you.

    • Not really, she's in her prime.

    • Well, if she's 18, odds are she'll look better by the time she's 24. But if she's 24, then oh well, but since she used a HS example, I'm assuming she's at the younger end of the age group.

  • Be glad! I've never been asked out!