What is everyone's opinion on the undercut?

Thinking about giving this a shot. I have a oval shaped head with a very young looking face with no facial hair. Not a trendy person or anything but I like the way it looks. My hair is about 4 inches long and I plan to do an undercut with a side part for a nice clean look. I never really worried about how my hair looks until now since I've been shaving my head for the past 10 years lol. I'm trying to avoid looking like something I am not (hipster/gay) but I'm really diggin this look. The sides are going to be cut with a 2 or 3 as I don't want it to be buzzed on the sides, just short.


Kind of like with this feller has going on. by the way, I am Asian and I've read on some forums that this haircut doesn't really suit Asian features as well as other races. What do you yall think?


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  • Asian guys look good when they grow their hair to neck length and longer

    • not really a big fan of long hair. my hair is medium length at the moment with a simple side part.


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  • oh I love that hairstyle!

    i wish more guys cut their hair like that. I think it looks awesome. :D

  • I don't really think it looks good on any one

  • Well I guess I still gotta shot at best answer..I say cut it 3/2 inches long


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  • I wouldn't have called that an undercut, just as a warning.

    Its just a side part, in this case styles really formally and slicked.

    In my personal experience, works better with a suit then casual.

    But you could get a straightforward side part with short sides & back and then style depending on occasion.