Nose piercing question - please help?

Okay I got my nose pierced like 4 weeks ago and after my nose got dry from using the soap I switched to water and sea salt but then I went camping for a week and I forgot the sea salt and my mom refused to buy some so I used alcohol to clean the piercing I clean my piercing 5 times a day and at night before going to bed I take it out and really clean it but for the last like 3 days I take it out and then can't get it back in but it doesn't hurt to touch it after I have to really push it back (pushed back in so hard it sometimes bleeds a little) and my mom always comments after I do that if she sees me that it is getting red I mean if it is infected I am pissed because I seriously clean 5 times a day and never touch it without washing my hands first so I am I doing something wrong or is my nose rejecting it or something?

I am cleaning it with sea salt and water I stopped using the alcohol


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  • You probably shouldn't be taking it out yet. I don't have my nose pierced but I have two piercings in each ear. With my piercings they told me to keep them in for at least 6 weeks before attempting to take it out. So that's probably why.

    And also, you don't really need to even clean it THAT much. Twice a day should be fine. And especially if you're using alcohol, that can make you have dry skin. Clean it when you wake up and before you go to bed and don't take it out for another few weeks. If you're still having problems, then I would suggest you go back to wherever you got the piercing from and ask them what it could be.

    • the piercer told me after two weeks I can take it out and change it or whatever I wanted to do with it and I clean it 5 times a day because the guy who did it said to so yeah ha ha I do it when I wake up ,late morning,after noon,late afternoon and since it is summer I cleaned it like an hour ago aha

      but thank you =]

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    • True I will ask some of my friends what they had to do it might be different with nose piercings because I know the ears take up to six weeks because I have mine done also and I was wondering about that it was just with the nose piercing (this might be kinda gross) but if you sneeze or blow your nose the boogers stick to your piercing so I take mine out to clean it off and remove loose boogers (I know it is gross aha sorry)

    • Lol it's okay. Yeah, you should ask your friends then because I don't have my nose pierced. Hope it all works out for you though:)


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  • See a doctor.


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  • Stop taking it out. You can still clean it but keep it in. I have six piercings in my ear. Each one I kept in for about 6 weeks before even taking them out for a day. And I always kept something in at night. Rubbing alcohol is really good for keeping infection out too.

  • I have a nose piercing, and you are supposed to wait a month before taking it out. And cleaning it that much will irritate the piercing; I cleaned mine 2 times a day. My nose piercing is healed perfectly, so...