What do you look for in a friend?

what do you look for in a friend? what are things that people do that make you not want to hang out with that person? what are some little things that people do to make you think they are weird?


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  • ive had my best friends for over 5 years at least, and the reason I stuck so long with them making the effort to see them talk to them daily and justtt naturally wanna be with them talk about nothing, is because were alike in nature and we click. When you meet people who have same views as you, can see where you're coming from, have the same mindset as you, you feel good about yourself that someone else is out there just like you, and that's when you know youve found your buddy. hahaha

    when I meet new friends and get to know them, I've had friends upto a year or two and then realized theyre not really my BEST friends and I sort of drifted away from them, because we don't click very much. Our opinions, views clash, we don't understand each other, our level of morals are different, I don't like doing the things or talking about things she likes, sometimes she would embarass me in front of the guy I liked, sometimes she even seemed like she was competing with me, and was really a frenemy then a true friend...she could also be cocky and direct all attention on herself be too self-possessed and in social groups shed make everything about her, stuff lke that pisses me off and it made me want to stop hanging out wth her...i just keep my distance now and am polite/friendly but not too close...bc I don't wanna get hurt again like she has hurt me in the past


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  • I look for trust, most definitely.


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  • i look for someone I can trust in general. someone who has similar interests.

    weird things may be possible being instantaneous loud in public settings, that would be weird for me. idk, everyone has different classifications of what is weird to them.

  • I look for someone with similar interests to me,

    someone who knows how to have a laugh

    they have to loveee shopping

    and be into the same music as me

    not cocky.

    People who talk to themselves in public make me think they are weird lol.

  • - loyal

    - trustworthy

    - sense of humour, fun to be with

    Probably my top "expectations" in a friend. :P