Are my shoulders considered broad?

I have been reading more about women and broad shoulders, probably due to the Olympics going on right now.

I've always thought my shoulders were broad and I've always liked them.

My shoulders are 41in around, and the rest of my measurements are 35-28-36.

I am 5'1.

I like my shoulders, I work hard to keep them in shape, so its just interesting to know how my proportions look.


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  • No clue from measurements.

    Your photos are mainly on an angle but your shoulders look good - neither broad nor caved in. Maybe head on they'd look different?

    • They don't really stand out. Looking at them they are slightly broad, but not drawing-attention-to-themselves broad, relative to your frame.

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  • I don't think they look too broad. You still certainly hafve a feminine figure.

  • Looks good to me. Not what I would consider broad

  • It's all about proportion. If a guy won't date you because he thinks your shoulders are too broad, you don't want to see him anyway. Don't worry about it, you can't change it anyway.

    • I never said I was worried about it nor do I want to change it. I'm just curious.

    • good example of how guys assume and try to "mind read" a girl

  • a little but

  • link

    She has broad shoulders...but I think it looks good on her...kinda like Wonder Woman...but no, your shoulders are nowhere near as broad.

  • They look normal to me.

  • you can't make your shoulders broad, its genetic hehe.. sorry toots.

    • I didn't ask how I could make my shoulders broad. You didn't even read my question.

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    • you typed the answer perfectly...

    • yeah, doesn't mean much. :L I can type with a blind fold and have no issues.

  • Nope-they look good

  • your shoulders are almost broad but not broad and look good. You look like that woman in the Old Navy commercial with the guy that was ont 90210 (she was also on the show)


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  • I think they're a little broad yes, but no the point where it's like "omg, that man is hot!"

    You still have a feminine body, you still have breasts. It's not the best picture for lighting, and the dark clothes, I think you have something tied round your waist too which is making it look like you've got tiny tiny hips.

    There's not much you can do about your shoulders. You don't really carry weight on your shoulders so short of chopping your arms off and filing your shoulders down, there's nothing you can do.

    All I will say, because you don't have a huge shoulders, if you wear clothes that nip in your skinny waist and broaden your hips, you will look more in proportion. A waist belt will bring the waist in, and make your boobs pop out, and a skirt with the right cut will give your hips that broadened look.

    But don't freak too much, you look good :)

    • Yeah I literally have no waist. My hips are like 36in, and I think for someone who is 5'1 that isn't very small, but in comparison to my waist it makes it look like I have no curves.

      I've tried the waist belts before and they are just okay. I don't wear many things that go with them so I don't really bother. I do always wear high waisted skirts if I can help it.

    • Wear skirts with an "A-line" it will give the appearence of hips. Watch Gok Wan, he is a MASTER at creating curves from nothing! Never fear, the wan is here!

  • Yeah they are. But not really broad like a guys shoulders.

    Most people don't realize broad shoulders are better looking on most people. It gives you a nice posture. You don't have to be buff or muscular but the bone structure of broad shoulders look nice imo.

    • Same here, that's why I like mine!

  • They look good!

    WOrk it Miss Thang! WOO HOO! ^ . ^