HELP! My hair is falling out so muhc. am I going to lose it?

I have very long beautiful hair since kid

And since week my hair is falling out , my hair were very thick always, now I can feel big difference I think I've lost about half hair:( when I wake up I see a lot hair on my pillow

I don't straighten my hair , I don't even use dryer and last time I dyed it was year ago:(

I visited doctor today and she said only to eat more vitamins , microelements and that's all:(

And it's not genes because both my parents and my sister have long healthy hair.

I cry all the time and am depressed, why my hair is falling out? what can I do? will I lose all hair?!


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  • Your hair could be falling out from too harsh of hair products, over perm, over colored, the chemicals are too harsh. Female hair loss and pattern baldness. Genetics, or even your health and diet can play a part in this. Go see a doctor. They are more qualified to answer.

    Naturally people (males more so then females) see that there hair thins out as they get older. Some go gray while others go bald.


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  • You might want to get your thyroid levels checked (full thyroid panel, not just TSH) if you haven't already done so.

  • i truly know your feeling .. I really don't know anything about girls hair .. but I wish you all the best

  • You're not going to lose it. Hair loss is attributed to stress, don't worry so much!


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  • you've lost "half" your hair? that doesn't really sound normal, have you changed anything? like are you using a new product or something?

    its normal to lose some hair, but not that much.

    try doing what the doctor said (and give it a bit of time to see if it changes anyway) if not try and go to a different doctor for a 2nd opinion.

    but keep your chin up, I'm sure its nothing serious, your not going to lose all your hair,

    • i didn't change anything , I use the same shampoo for half year. Really I have lost a lot hair , and I was always proud of my long beautiful hair , it was the best things in me:( I won't go out anymore if I lose all hair :(

    • just calm down a bit, you know what also makes you lose your hair? stress and worrying, you'll just make things worse if your overly stressed or worried about this.

      I understand how upsetting it is, I'd be as well if I was losing my hair like that, just take the doctors advice and see what happens from there.

      try not to worry or be stressed, try to relax more, do some things which you know you enjoy that help you to relax, its important.

  • Hi,

    I used to have the same problem, I thought I was going bald but I'm glad that I successfully overcame this after I used Reloxe.