Girls the way you dress and the intention?!!! :)

If you wear a short dress above your knee and a sleeveless top, say during a new year party, what is the main intention behind this.

a) Fashion

b)to attract guys

c)to give and take visual sexual pleasure

d)Just the comfort

e)If multiple reasons as above, what percentage for each

Particularly for those girls in a relationship, do you not feel it is not necessary to be noticed as a hot, sexy as this itself is the indication of a kind of diversion from your commitment. what I feel is the very hidden desire towards other men is expressed in terms of the way you dress up but you give it the name fashion, comfort as such. Please justify if you do not agree the way you dress has nothing to do with your true commitment.


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  • Well, at a New Year party everyone gets a little extra glitzy, if you know what I mean. The girls look sharp because they want to start the year off looking stylish, having fun, etc. They usually want to shake off anything negative from the past. (I'm not certain about what the guys are thinking on this night, but would hazard a guess that they also want to have a good time and start the year off on a positive note.)

    Some girls do, IMO, go a little too far with the shorty skirt/top/dress, which makes them look desperate and cheap. A nice-looking woman just needs to wear something that subtly shows off her curves, etc. to attract male attention. When I'm out in my sleeveless print (at-the-knee) sarong dress, guys can't help but turn to look or say hello and smile, open a door for me, etc. with a boyish grin. I don't have to be practically naked to attract their attention. I'm dressed comfortably and fashionably. The goal is simply to look good (for myself) so I can feel confident no matter where I am or what I'm doing. The compliments and attention are an extra perk. ;-)

    • @Update: When you're in a relationship, you still want your guy to think you're hot; you want to keep his attention so his eyes don't wander to "the hot girl" at the party. Instead, you *are* the hot girl at the party. (It's rather superficial, but this is, in fact, how girls of a certain age think. Ultimately, when you've been around a guy long enough, you understand he's "connected" to you and don't connect "sexy" with "slutty" as public, lol.)

    • what if her boyfriend or husband is absent for the occasion but she wearing sexy cloths. The point here is, does a girl want to be called sexy by other men other than he boy friend, also, when some hot guys look at her assets in those dress, does she not feel happy?!

    • Why isn't the guy with her? She might be feeling "discarded" and therefore POed and trying to amp things up so he has a reminder of the sexpot he used to think she was.

      Yes, girls tend to like male attention in general, but when they're WITH someone, they're usually just trying to make their guy happy and draw HIS attention.

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  • Because it was probably appropriate for the setting of that event. 70%

    I wouldn't bother attracting guys on new years but I'd want to look good for the occasion.

    Well I'm a female so I want to show that. Percentages will be off but 100%

    Comfort 3% lol. I'm really against uncomfortable shoes so I'm picky with them to usually only buy what's comfortable to walk in (heels) for a few hours at least. I don't like readjusting clothes but I'd put up with it because it's rare for me to have clothes that don't require adjustments.

    Style in terms of looking good... Well that kinda mingles in with what's appropriate for the occasion.. but you can't always dress in the styles you admire so 17%.

    Weather 10%

  • above the knee skirt and sleeveless top sounds pretty conservative to me

    My intent depends on where I'm going, who's gonna be there, and how I feel. I usually like to dress stylish in fitted clothes to show off my shape. I look good and I look even better in a nice outfit and wearing that makes me feel good.whether I'm in a relationship or not I still wanna look cute

    • of shape is to show of your beauty or to be seductive?!

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    • yeah... I mean why does a girl want to be called sexy by other men other than your husband or boyfriend...

    • My life doesn't revolve around a husband or boyfriend. Besides if your man thinks you are sexy, chances are other men do too. Not a problem for me

  • Depends on the person right? What it should be is because you personally feel comfortable with the outfit, doing it for a fashion statement is good too, and if it makes you feel sexy then whatever bonus. But if you do it solely for male attention then well that's not a real good sign obviously.

  • D. None of them. If I wear something its because I like it, I like how I look in it. Its how it makes me feel not other people

  • Well as long as you feel good about yourself in the clothes, it's probably almost equal for all of those... for me, anyway.

  • because it's hot ? as in the weather (I'm in Australia its summer in new year)

  • because I like wearing it...

  • I would only dress like that if it was hot and I was staying at home, but if I did on a new years party, I suppose it would be because I think it looks nice on me, so fashion reasons I guess.

    I don't think women really dress like that to attract people because it would attract the wrong people.


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  • I say most of it is for show... except if you do it for a job like a real fashion model.

    I vote all girls should just be naked.

    • dude, huh, you are straight to the business, yet it is the fact, however a girl is in a relationship, she definitely wants to reveal her beauty to other hot guys. So better if they speak out openly about their hidden fantasies and act on that! we may feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but later we may get adjusted to what you said for voting, at the end. ;)