How do you increase your facial attractiveness without resorting to plastic surgery?

I am dieting and working out, and I see some slimming of the cheeks and my jawline seems to be getting a bit trim, but not much as I like to.

Is there ANY techniques that I can use to get that V line jaw shape through facial exercises or any foods that de-bloat you?


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  • If there were any workouts for the face, I would have discovered them a long time ago lol.


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  • You're probably just very early on in your exercising and dieting routines, you should see results sooner or later.

    • i lost 10 lbs so far...15 lbs more to go...hopefully it'll make a difference...I mean I'm not even close to being overweight to start w/, I don't think the weight loss would be too dramatic.

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  • Use masks and makeup. Masks can help draw out excess water from your face. I suggest something like a clay mask.

    Also, just use some contour powder to give yourself higher cheekbones and slim your jaw.

    • i use pore refining masks once a week and hydrating gel masks...

      it just seems to be improving my skin tone, which I have NO problems w/...but I just wish my face wasn't so sensitive to bloating...

  • Facial massages might help