Do guys hate stretch marks?

Is it a deal breaker? From light to sever all over their bodies or barely noticeable. Do they care? & do guys hate belly fat not so much fat your belly sits on your knees or between your legs but a couple rolls/a tire?

What's a physical deal breaker?

I'm very pretty always get compliments but I have some flaws from having two kids but I'm very proportionate.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It doesn't bother me. Most people have them. I have some on my biceps and thighs since puberty. I'm not going to be hypocritical about it. I'm not going to notice them all that much, and when I do, I'm not really going to care.

    I also don't mind a slight belly.

    I agree with Dre. I think a smashed up face would be a bit of a problem.