How can I still be cute when I look awful?

I have to wear athletic shorts, tshirt and sneakers to school tommorrow for my soccer team. But I have an extended class (so about an hour and a half...LONG TIME) with this really cute guy I like. How can I still look cute and be confident when I look so gross?


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  • GIrls your age never ACTUALLY look UN-cute. It's just your perception that since you're not all dressed up and wearing your favorite top that you look like a tomboy or something. Just carry deodorant and body spray to manage things in the locker room after the game and approach him after you've freshened up.

    Even if you do see him in your "gross" state, imagine for a moment a figure like Andromeda or Athena, two fabled beauties who are also known warriors; think about all the girls who get hit on at the gym because they have this awesome glow after their work-outs.

    Girl, you'll be just fine. You'll be confident because you'll kick a$$ at the game and he'll be grinning like a fool because he's happy for you.

    Rooting for you. Go gett'em.


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  • you should't be worried, the masculine look can sometimes be a turn on for a guy

  • Wear a ribbon and cat ears?

    ... You're not Japanese, bugger >.<

  • lol, everyone wears tht during gym, not just u. if I was him, id be happy you were exercising.


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