Help me fix my bad haircut to make it fit my style?

I’m a preppy style girl (Hollister style). But I got a hair cut that is not my style (it looks Goth). This is what my hair looks like. Layered. (Short at top longer at bottom) and the top part is brown and underneath is black. It’s like a girl’s emo cut. I kind of look weird by how my hair says emo and my clothes say preppy. I don’t have money to buy new clothes. Do you know how I can fix my hair to make it look more preppy?

I know I might be hard for you to help but please try!


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  • Is Hollister preppy? I'm pretty prep myself, I like a clean straight cut. My fiance says to ask "The Guys" at link, she throws their answers in my face all the time.

    Good luck future prepster!


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  • strip the color out or get extensions, which are expensive too.

  • die it all a lightish brown and you'll get by. it actually sounds pretty cool

  • Dye all of your hair a mid-brown colour. If your layers are not very short at the top, you could possibly have your hair cut shorter, so your layers grow out more quickly, if not, stick with it, it won't look too bad as long as it's not very dark! But, definitely have a new hair cut, ask the stylist, and search google images for preppy hair, and choose a new style. Just worry about the colour first though.