Do you thnk women look hottest and most beautiful in their 30's?

i read it in a magazine that the woman are most beautiful at 31 and the real beauty of woman is between 30 and 35 is it true do you agree ?


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  • It really depend on the woman. Some girls are really hot in their 20s and then crash in their 30s looks wise. I've seen it with a number of girls that loved nightlife and partying. They really were gorgeous and started to go way down hill in their late 20s. I've seen other women in their 30s that were gorgeous. They tend to be the ones living a less hectic life. They kept normal hours, took care of themselves, and worked hard. They were more of the cute girls rather then the hot girls when they were younger. By the time they got to their 30's they had really matured as women, found their self confidence, and bloomed. =P

    • y everybody calls thirtys older thirtys are also younger very younger don't you thnk

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    • I really hope so. I am pushing 24 and people still think I am 15-18.

    • =P

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  • I sure hope so ;o)

  • probably because that's when they are most confident about themselves and have more or less settled into their skin. I guess its their inner beauty that shines through which makes them 'more beautiful'?

    • I actually feel this is very very true, from my personal experience at least.

  • Hmmm sure, but it's not majority of women. Women look most beautiful between18-late 20's.

  • More in their 20s

  • yes i have always said this. never thought i would find someone else who thought the same... women are more stable , confident , mature, educate and physically hotter.. i have always said i can't wait to be 30.. lol I'm 19 haha ill just be patient :P

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  • Honestly, no, I don't think that. Personally, I'd say girls are usually most attractive around 16-19, depending on the individual, and are already on a steep downward slope by their mid-twenties. It's not too often I meet a girl my own age who I find physically attractive now (and even rarer to find one with an attractive personality). Obviously it's a matter of personal preference though...

  • That can definitely be true...

  • It all depends on the individual. It is true some women come into their own during their early to mid 30's, either after they've done with having children and have their body back together or if they haven't had children.
    However some women actually look their best at age 11 - 14 and then tank and actually end up being really ugly. Will Smith's Daughter for example.
    In my opinion Women are best looking from ages 11 to 18 or before they get pregnant with 40 as a cut off.

  • No, I'm sorry. I think most women look best around 18.

    For guys it's a bit older, say 21.

    Magazines are BS.

  • Depends on the woman. I have seen some peak before their 20th birthday. Others were unpopular, obese, or both; then their mid 20s come up and they start looking more attractive.

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