He's amazing, but not cute! what should I do?

so basically I met this guy, who is amazing. we match perfectly. he's supportive, understanding, we have the same music taste, he's nice, he and I can have good conversations, etc. etc.

the catch is, is I don't think he's cute

i'm on the verge of liking him, but I think the thing from stopping me is the physical attraction.

what should I do?

btw: I do like him, my most successful relationship, we had nothing in common, but our personalities were the same.

that's how it is with this guy.


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  • It's hard to have a relationship if there's no physical attraction. Just because you have a lot in common doesn't automatically make you soul mates.

    Sounds like you guys would be better off as friends. In essence, friends have several common interests, but you can't picture a relationship with them because you are not attracted to them.


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  • The moment you have to convince yourself to like someone your only setting your self up for a doomed relationship.

    Follow your lust, not your logical side.

  • As you grow older (or just look at older couples), you'll probably notice more and more women with guys that don't seem all that cute. Looks get old fast and they really only matter if you're hung up on needing arm candy. He can always start working out or you can encourage his style of dress.

    I suggest you stay with him.

  • stay close, overtime you'll begin to go for personality than looks. after all it seems he really cares about you. personallity over looks- basically meaning that you will soon to like him more and more spending time with him.

  • Keep talking to him and give it more time. Also, what's important isn't that you match, it's that you like each other. I've fallen for girls who I had nothing in common with before.


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  • Do you want a relationship with him? It seems like you do. The more you hang out with him and the more you start to like him the less you will notice his looks. It's not that they will go away or you will just get used to them, but you will find yourself thinking something you thought was ugly in the beginning is actually kind of cute and suiting to his personality. If it's something you're interested go for it. If it doesn't work out at least you know you tried.