Is there really a gold tattoo color?

I met my grandmother's best friend's daughter's girlfriend the other day (this already sounds like one of those stories) and she had recently gotten maybe like a month ago 7 symbols of religions. They were all very vibrant colors of the rainbow, but the one that stood out to me was the middle symbol for equality. The color was Gold! She gave me the guy's Facebook, but now I am not sure if what I was seeing was yellow and not a trick of the eye.

Do gold tattoos really exist? I want to make sure they do before I contact him. Would they look good on a darker skin tones?


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  • I never heard of it but I'm sure it exisits since there's glow in the dark looks good on warm tones so I'm guess on darker skin tones too


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  • call your local tattoo shop and ask them if they offer it and ask would it be OK to get with your skin tone. When I got my tattoo last year I wanted blue but on my skin tone he said it would look grey. they would know best. good luck!

  • I'm sure they do and it'd look nice