What do you think my shade of hair color should be?

ok let me give you the basics first my hair use 2 be dark brown until I started dyeing my hair wit red shampoo (didn't work out so well because my hair is still dark brown and you can't really see the red unless in the sunlight)i want something that is close 2 auburn or red wit out making a drastic change(tip:my hair blends with whatever hair dye..@ least the ones I've tried).keep it kinda of low key.


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  • If I were you, I would go to a professional salon. They really know what colors would be good in your hair. If you go anywhere, sometimes you're just clueless or they give you the wrong advice for your skin tones. I would call ahead and tell them what kind of hair you have, and ask who is really good with your type of hair/the color you want. You could go with more of a pink red, which is really subtle for really dark brown hair. You could also go for an auburn look probably. Those red shampoos didn't work for me either. F.Y.I., reddish hair is generally found toward the center of the hair, so if you get your hair lightened, probably more of the red will show.

  • it depends on your skintone and eye color.