Girls, does the way you dress every day mean anything?

I was wondering something. There is this girl in my class and she is really REALLY sexy. She wears amazing clothes every day and very very short shorts. Her make-up is always perfect. She's like this every day at school. We've been talking and she's so nice , interesting and honestly, she seems even a little shy which I find awesome.

Does the way she dress and puts on great make-up every day mean that she is looking for a relationship? Or do girls also put that much effort into looking good even when they're not looking to be with anybody? I know that when I'm in a relationship, I will dress nicely when I see my girlfriend but day to day I'll just be normal because I don't want to catch any other girl's attention. But when I'm single, I'll put more effort into looking great every day just in case I meet a great girl.

Guys, feel free to answer if you have anything to share!

Thank you.


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  • I usually make sure I look nice (not necessarily 'sexy' all the time, it depends on the situation and whether or not it's appropriate) almost all the time but more so when I'm going to be around people I need to impress, guys around my age or otherwise (eg. going to a job interview I'd want to look nice but in a decent way) because it gives me a bit more confidence if I know I look well turned out and everything. Of course if I'm just running into the supermarket for 2 minutes or something like that I don't bother.

    So no, not just when I want to meet a guy, but I do put in EXTRA effort if I know I'm going to be seeing a guy I like :) Extra effort = extra confidence

    • But why would you dress really sexy and put on elaborate make-up when you just go to school? I don't think she has a boyfriend and I usually see her alone. I, too, want to at least look pretty good all the time. But I'm gonna look EXTRA GOOD if I want to meet a great girl. If I want to be left alone I'm just gonna wear something casual.

    • Well like I said, it could be to impress the guys. I think it also depends on what look the girl goes for, I go for the pretty, but not elaborate look. But other girls might feel their best if they look really sexy. So basically, we wear whatever makes us feel most confident, whether or not we have a boyfriend.

      Even if I did have a boyfriend I'd still want to look nice because I'd like to think that when he looks at me he'll be thinking that I look good.

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  • one of my really good friend is like this. she's a dancer so she's really skinny and toned. She wears short shorts and low tops (but not too low) but she's really shy. She's the only girl I know who cna put on that outfit and not look slutty. most girls jsut like to look pretty, or at least nice every day. not all girls dress up for guys, some girls truly like fashion. probably like the girl you have. if she's got a personality and she's nice then probably. But be careful, look at the way she treats other people, she may jsut be acting like that towards you (just a warning from the partly not really wise :D)

  • some girls do go out of their way to look pretty when they want to meet a great guy.

    girls also dress nice or sexy if they feel comfortable in their own skin.

    i used to be shy but wear sexy outfits. it just meant I liked my body. feeling sexy and being confident chatting or being around others might no go together.

  • I don't know what she means by dressing like that. I dress the opposite of that girl. Chances are if she wears "very very short shorts" then she isn't shy. I can't even find the confidence to wear capris. Girls do tend to dress in a way that has a message behind it.

    • Thank you. I know, it's so weird! When I first saw her I thought she would be totally different, but actually she's so nice and reserved. It's so rare to meet a girl like this. Since then I've been wondering if the way she dresses has a message behind it, like you said. It's hard to focus in class when you have legs like this next to you lol :S

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  • Affects your confidence, the way you dress that is. You feel better in your own clothes when you dress nicer pretty much.