I always see him looking at me?

so this boy I know we are friends and we have hung out a couple of times with other friends... well lately I've seen him looking at me a lot but every time I look at him he looks away this has been going on for about 2 weeks and lately in my class with him he will come stand with me and my friends which he never did before and the other day me and my friend were going out side with him to have a cigarette and he was walking a lot closer to me than usual... I've never heard of him having a girlfriend but he's defiantly not gay... what does this mean? and what is the reason for his stares we are both shy so what should I do?

... what should I do if I am too shy to go up and talk to him?
i just found out that he is talking to this girl she's a year younger than us but I never see them together and they are never together on the weekends but he is still staring at me... ? =[


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  • What should I do if I am too shy to go up and talk to him? ]

    Get over your shyness, just talk, ask him a little service or help (an explanation about something or borrow 10$ to get home because you forgot to take some money, something like that): he will feel important if he can help you. You need not feel annoyed if its' a normal question.


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  • He finds and intrest in you. I am shy too and when I like a girl I always look at her when she is concentrated in other things. Try to catch him looking at you and see his reaction if he blushes then he is intrested.

  • I have a hunch you two should move to a bit more intimate talking, about likes and dislikes, points of interest and things like that.


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