Guys, which girl do you prefer?

Say there's two girls in front of you... You wears heavy makeup which make her look gorgeous and revealing outfits which look sexy. But she's a bitch and has an attitude and also disrespect god.( and it's obvious that she's dumb and stupid)

The other is a cute, innocent looking girl with no makeup at all and Looks younger than her age. She sometimes wear glasses but is a goodness when she took them off. She look intellectual and quiet, almost unapproachable and mysterious, but can get fun and easy looking when you get to know her well. She reject god of course, but un-talkative but can enjoy herself playing basketball and sweat like there's no tomorrow


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  • Disrespecting god or whatever, means nothing to me. Dumb and stupid can still be fun, in the short term.

    Quiet and unapproachable does not equal mysterious.

    Only the quiet and unapproachable people think it does, to make themselves feel better.

    There is no point in being good once someone gets to know you. You have to give them a reason to get to know you in the first place.

    Right now, girl 2 has given me no reason to get to know her. At least the bitch might be interesting in the short term.


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  • I'd probably go for the first girl.

    Because I'd never know the second girl was fun and easy going. She's shy unapproachable and untalkative and I'd asume she didn't like me. There's no way I'd have of knowing she's just shy. Although she may in fact be nicer (and you are -telling- us she's nicer) I wouldn't actually know that. She'd -seem- like more of a bitch.

    • Yea...but what if the second girl is sending signals that she likes you?

    • If I'm picking up the signals from either, its going to be a big driver of which I'd go for.

      The reality is picking people to be with isn't a matter of observing someone and ticking off boxes as to which qualities you like. There are some core things that attract you, some major deal breakers. Beyond that you choose a relationship, not a partner. So HOW we interact together is more important then what she's like when I observe her.

  • the second girl sounds much more interesting to approach.

  • The first one if I am gonna hook up

    Second one for a relationship

  • subtle but beautiful for me, there are so many girls with good looks but there attitude stinks

  • I love simple girls.

    bitches are bitches. I love to check them out but not really into hanging out with them.

  • I'll take the hottie.


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  • How biased.the second girl must be you and all the guys on here will say you because the first girl is a bitch.put both of y'all pictures up and don't say who is who or describe them and then you'll get more accurate answers

    • I don't know the second girl well but we have the same name so just wanna see who men would like more

    • thats a little harsh. She obviously had her reasons for posting the question, let her have the self esteem boost that she needs right now. We could all use a boost every now and then.

    • The first girl I'm sorry. And I'm asking this because I haven't use my quantity of question today but I have nothing else in my mind. I know myself well , I have enough confidence too, I know my crush like me more than the bitch so ah... Just want to know what guys from different countries will choose from that's all