How can I not look so mean or angry?

I'm 16 and people have told me that before they met me that they thought I looked mean and angry. I hate that they tell me that because I'm not that way at all!:'( I mean I'm a really nice person but I guess I don't come off that way. I don't know if it has to deal with me being insecure with myself at times or if that is just my exterior. How can I stop having this look. I really hate when people tell me this. They say I have a don't f**k with me look and I don't want that. It's not attractive at all. Please help me:'(.


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  • Honestly, if you aren't purposefully making yourself look mean or angry then forget those people. why are you listening to strangers who don't really know you anyway?lol If random people are comming up to you and making negative comments about your face or anything then their the one's with problems.Just embrace your appearence exactly the way it is and love yourself and your friends. since your nice I'm sure you have a lot of them. Don't practice acting like anything that your not. just be yourself and good will eventuallly come out of it. :)

    • Also can you read the comment I added to the first answer. I don't know if all that means I have anxiety or not?:(

    • maybe you have alittle social anxiety but I feel like that's normal to a certain extent. if you want to change then practice smiling and being more open like the other dude said.BUT if you like yourself the way you are-and your trying to change because others think you should change- then don't worry about it girl. You wanna find people you accept you for you anyway


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  • i know how you feel, I have a similar problem, people tell me that I have a frown, they ask me why are you angry?, it sucks really, it gives the impression that I have problems, it repels people from me

  • Smile and display open body language.

    • How?:( I try to smile but I don't want someone to think I'm weird lol and do you think I have social anxiety because when people are talking or laughing I feel like they are talking about me. And I feel I'm not attractive enough for a guy and I'm always concerned about how my face looks to other people or what they think of me.

    • By smile I don't mean have a toothy grin on your face the whole time, just make sure to not frown or look down the whole time. Look content. Don't cross your arms and look like you want to be approached. being concerned with how you look is pretty normal. I think you're fine.

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  • I have the same problem. I have a permanent scowl. I try to smile more. Not with teeth or anything and not a huge smile but I try to smile a teeny bit so I don't look so intimidating.