Normal weight and height for my age?

just recently bought a weight scale, and I also decided to measure my height as well, so here it go's.

my weight is 114.0 pounds

my height is 5,7 and half (just about half way to reaching 5,8)

I am 20 years of age

asking out of curiosity because I couldn't find relevant information on Google so what do you guys and girls think? am I normal?


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  • Acoording to your BMI you would underweight. People say BMI is often incorrect because it doesn't take into account mucle mass. That's not the case for you though, you are actually underweight.

    I think you'd be in the 10th percentile (or something around that) which mean that 90% of men with your age and height weigh more.

    You should ask yourself why you are underweight? Do you eat healthy, work out regulary and feel well you should have nothing to worry about, you're just very skinny. If you show symptons of a thyroid hyperfunction, go see a doctor. If you're not eating enough or only eating junk food, you know what to do

    • underweight why is that no surprise lol, I am in the 10th percentile in the U.S right? do I eat healthy? yeah for the most part I do, I don't work out to much, except when I am walking to college back and forth, from day to day, erm... eating junk food? the only thing that I eat that is considered Junk food would have to be chip ahoy chocolate chip cookies, like an entire case of them but it is rare that I even eat that kind of stuff, I feel pretty good so I don't think I have problems maybe?

    • last time I check into a doctors appointment, the doc did say that I was on a healthy diet, (didn't even know I was on a diet lol ) so I am going to assume that I don't have thyroid Hyperfunction, but I did check out the symptoms to see if I had any, think I'll be okay thanks for the answer, so... I am going to take it as not normal considering the 10 percentile part, which is fine anyway, thanks for your answer.


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  • The ideal body weight for a male is 106 pounds for a height of 5 feet. 6 pounds should be added for each inch over 5 feet. Since you are 5’7 1/2”, your ideal body weight is 151 pounds. :)


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  • your fine don't worry about it

  • im in the same boat as you ha ha I'm 5'8 and three quarters, I weigh 135 I feel I am small haha

  • You're skinny skinny. But as long as you're healthy. I mean don't listen to those charts. I am 6'6" 268lbs and I am "obese" by those scales, when in fact I have only 10% body fat and am in very good shape. It's just a scale about what you "should be".

    • So you have 240 lbs of lean body mass? Calling bs on this cause a 6'6 person can only build around 200 lbs of lean body mass without roids. So assuming you have somehow maxed out your muscle, you would still have 68 lbs of fat, which is way more than 10%.

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    • that's okay lol, I am not much of a conversationalist, even behind a computer screen,especially arguments, I see them everywhere lol, yeah again thanks for the answer man

    • Anytime buddy, good luck.