Can I still send this message?

I hooked up with an ex recently I decided yesterday however that I was going to nip us hooking up in the butt by sending him a message about not wanting to hook up again. However just as I was going to send the message I bumped into him with another girl. Now I know he is friends with this girl, if he isn't then so what..

I can't send the message today cause it looks like I just did it cause I saw him with a girl.

My question a couple of days could I send the message or would it still look like I'm doing it cause I saw him with another girl?


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  • Don't send a message. If you do, he'll think you are still after him, despite what you type. If you go no contact, that's the best way to get the message across that you don't want to spend time anymore. If he comes to you, then, you can tell him that you just aren't interested in the type of relationship he has to offer (FWB, basically). It really is that simple, and like answerer said below, keep your emotions tucked in here. He won't hear your REAL message if you're in emotional turmoil when you're talking. Calm cool collected, straight to the point.


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  • Don't send him anything. You will look like you are still sprung on him. Wait for him to contact you about hooking up, and politely (yes, be nice) tell him that you have other plans, or that you simply aren't interested anymore. Be truthful without being emotional.

  • I would not send it at all,go on with your life and let him reach out expecting you to hook up again ,then explain that you aren't feeling him that way anymore and thought about it after that night,this way it won't look like you said it because of the other girl and it won't stroke his ego