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Which hair color looks better on me?

My original hair color was brown


Then I dyed it black


Which looks better?

Better pic of the black

Small: link

Large: link
To everyone saying the black is too harsh: They were out of the next 2 lighter shades and the 3rd lighter one looked the same as what I had. So I ended up saying "f*** it" and going with the blackest black they had. If I were to redo it, I would look for one of those 2 lighter shades.

Most Helpful Opinion

  • black looks cooler, nice gibson tee btw!

    • Haha Thanks, I Just Realized I'm Wearing It In Both Pics

    • haha, don't worry I'm a gibson man too

What Girls Said 23

  • I like both maybe try auburn too!? And if you do black again try a semi permanent, its less damaging

  • I like the black hair. As long as your eyebrows aren't too different..

  • Somewhere between the two.

    They both suit you; the natural is good with your skin tone.

    I will admit, I have a think for men with darker hair though :) You could experiment with a rich chocolate brown color?

  • I think link number 2 looks nicer on you =)

  • The brown looks better.

  • brown/black

  • i think I like brown because of the sunlight but black looks good also

  • Id would say the brown looks more you and it is true natural is always best.

  • I like the brown better because its more natural:)

  • The black dye made it more eye catching it's hard not to notice if you want to keep it black I would suggest a softer shade-that is if you don't want to have keep your natural hair color

  • i would personally stick with your natural hair color

  • your regular hair looks a lot better :]

  • Brown. Natural is always better.

  • I like the brown better!

  • Both look really great I like each for different reasons...but I do think the black ( or if you take the black down one shade,black brown) really makes your eyes pop.

    • The brown now :P

      But if you made the black a little lighter (made it look more natural) then I think it would be GREAT!

  • Brown.

    Black looks too goth

  • I love dark hair... but men shouldn't dye their hair. and natural is always best! so Brown!

    • !@ update: Wow, cute! ;]

  • can't really tell since you aren't facing the camera in the second pic.

    • i like the black better. definitely more eye-catching.

  • i think having brown hair looks better

    • re@update: I think the brown looks more natural, but the black is very striking as well :)

  • Awwww the black hair picture is so sweet! =P

    Back to topic lol, I think you can pull it off either way, but I gotta say the brown looks much cuter. It looks brighter and happier. That might just be the lighting and your smile, but that's just the vibe I get with the brown.

  • Brown <3

  • Brown

  • Honestly both look good on you so I don't know which one to choose.On the other hand, I think if it is dark brown or a softer shade of black,you would look even greater!

    • Just seen your other pictures.Now I think soft black really bring out your eyes.Your irises are quite dark,right?

    • Yeah dark blue :)

    • Haha,never heard of dark blue irises as I'm an oriental.I think our hair color should be close to the shade of our irises and eyebrows for it to look most natural.So soft black is my final answer. :)

What Guys Said 6

  • The black looks kinda fake but original kinda boring. I think inbetween the original and black would be best.

  • Brown.

  • I think that the black looks the nicest, but natural is nice too.

    But, do you want to have to go through the hassle of constantly dying your hair?

    Just go with whatever makes YOU look and feel more confident and attractive

  • I sort of think brown looks a little better for you. The black looks a little too shiny. That, and when you have soft colors--like a grey suit, or brown hair--it's easier for people to look at you at see details, like how your face really looks. Black is a little harsher.

    Did you know that it's an old lawyer's trick to dress people in soft colors or harsh, depending on how much they want people to listen to them? Example: if you have a great witness who is going to say helpful things, have him wear soft colors. Then the jury will have an easier time looking at him, and remember more of what he says. If the lawyer doesn't want the jury to pay attention, harsher colors will make it harder for the jury to look straight at him, and hence harder to remember.

  • they are equal but the black hair looks better in style.

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