Where do you go looking for the nice guys? For the nice girls only....

Ok, so for you nice girls I have a question. Obviously you go out like everyone else to have fun, but since you aren't in to the "bar scene" because of the stereotype of people who go to the bars are usually looking for a one night stand, do you still go there looking for the nice guy or do you just go there to have a drink with your friends? And if you don't go there looking for the nice guy, where do you go to look for him?


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  • When I go to a bar, I go just looking to blow off steam and have fun with friends. I would never look for a nice guy in a bar because honestly, the bars where I am are filled with sleazy guys.

    Normally I don't really look for guys, but sometimes certain guys catch my attention. I was once volunteering at an animal shelter and this sweet guy came in and adopted one of the older rescue dogs whose old owners tortured. The way he handled that dog made me melt. I could tell that guy was the real deal nice guy. We ended up dating but it didn't work out because I had to move because of work and he needed to stay where he was.

    Another time I met a guy when I was just sitting in a coffee shop and he sent me over a heart shaped cookie. That was the cutest thing ever. He was another really sweet guy that would have worked out but because of certain aspects, we decided to part ways.

    You can meet nice people anywhere, you just need to have a good radar these things and a good execution.

    • Ok, sounds good, so my problem is I always seem to go after the "girl with a boyfriend type" I mean if they have a ring on then obviously I leave them alone, but if they don't what is a good way for a nice guy like me to know that a girl is single or is it more hit and miss?

    • Hit or miss. Most of the time you really can't know until you have a conversation with her and subtly find out.


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  • we don't go to bars to pickup men... we go with friends usually. I don't go a specific place to find a guy I just look around the areas I'm in. Ie gym school grocery store etc.

  • I go to coffeeshops, not necessarily to find guys...lol...but it wouldn't bother me if I met him there! At night, friends and I sometimes go out to eat or occasionally out dancing...but I don't like the whole bar scene much either.

    • from what I think I am understanding is that women don't look for guys anywhere, they just let it happen naturally...

    • Hmmm, speaking for myself, I sometimes see guys that I wouldn't mind talking to or whatever, but am too shy to make the first move and, being uncomfortable with the idea of making frequent eye contact at them, just mind my own business...

  • I go to bars to hang out with friends. I have no intent on finding a guy there. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out where to go to find nice guys. I wish I could find a nice guy at the library or the bookstore, but I frequent those places and have yet to find one there =/

    • Yeah and I'm still trying to find out where the nice girls are :)

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  • They don't go anywhere, you gotta catch them in the daylight.

    • This made me laugh. It might make me sound like a boring person, but it's pretty much true for me...