Anyone have tips for a makeup look that's sexy but neutral for daytime?

I'm of a deeper complexion( my skin tone is like a Swiss chocolate color) I have dark brown almost black eyes and I have big full lips. My face is a bit round but oval shaped. Any tips will be great!:) and I will comment back. The products can be drugstore also. my eyes are almond shaped.


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  • I think maybe some shiny lip gloss very little make up and some light maybe yellow eye shadow- I personally like the smoky eye look you can use the eye liner to make your eyes pop out more and if you do not like the lip gloss just get a non shiny pink lip color

  • some thin eyeliner in a neutral color like black with black mascara looks great will accentuate your eyes but not look too flashy if done right. keep the lips neutral maybe just a little blush