How to look more interesting?

Hair and makeup wise.

My hair has a lot of layers, and it's hits mid back at te longest part. It's mostly black with some blond on top. It's wavy and occasionally a little more curly. It does OK with scrunching but curling it never really works. What are some easy styles to help it?

And makeup. I usually just wear eyeliner and a little mascara. How can I make my green eyes pop better?


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  • Well, I don't know about easy stuff; but I love waterfall braids :L


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  • Green eyes look amazing with purple eye shadow and you should die your hair a really dark brown. Go on Youtube and look up Bebexo (she is a hair guru with millions of cute and easy hairstyles) ... or go on YouTube and look up "cutegirlshairstyle"

    For makeup, go on Youtube and look up "pixiwoo" because she has green eyes and dark hair and you could copy some stuff from her.

  • Brown eyeshadow makes green eyes pop