What do men think of really reserved women?

What do guys think of reserved women? I'm 26 years old and guys make me very nervous. I've never dated and or been in any sort of relationship, so it's really hard for me. There is a guy in my grad school class that waved to me and I had this surge of fear rush over me. I looked down right away so that I wouldn't wave back. This happens to me all the time. I take longer routes home to avoid certain guys, or if I wear a dress and a guy is looking, I'll just stand in one place and not move much or just continue sitting so that they won't look at me. How do I deal with this?


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  • This isn't "being reserved." Honestly, it sounds like you have some emotional growth issues that you need to deal with personally, as in: get some therapy and work through it. You didn't mention if there is a reason you might feel that way (past trauma, abandonment issues, etc.?), but if you don't already know, therapy will help you figure it out, so you can move past it.

    You're already shutting down a guy who just WAVED at you, so how could a guy possibly get to know you, much less have a relationship with you? You aren't letting them. That isn't any guy's fault, because the issue is yours. But it CAN be fixed if you put in the effort and get some help.


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  • i assume you are a virgin too right? because I am


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  • Same here. You are describing myself. :(