What would be the reason for only guys extremely younger than me hit on me or some much older?

Most are really young like 18/19 and some are like mid 30's or 40's guys around my age late 20's always have girlfriend and don't care about me, might look but don't do anything...what the hell is wrong, I do believe I look younger than my age but that wouldn't explain the old ones hitting on me...

Any tips of how could I meet guys my age


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  • Have you thought about talking to guys your age?

    • i do I mean the ones that are around and yeah they have gfs...i don't know many I am usually around girls but I mean the same way a guy younger come to me to talk to me or an older one why doesn't a guy my age do the same? I don't get it...

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  • Well, I am 23 and I get a whole range. Old and young as well as my age. It is what it is. They all want something.