Have you ever said anything that sounded wrong but it wasn't?

A few days ago my whole family came down to my grandparents house to celebrate my grandmothers birthday. I was sitting on the couch with my two younger female cousins. The oldest of the two said my year book picture on the mantle makes my hair look dark. This was an extra pic so my aunt gave it to my grandparents. Anyways the pic was in color and not black and white. I said maybe the pic was airbrushed? My cousin looks at me and says you think I'm ugly now? I mean come on really?


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  • I work in a deli and was cutting up a chicken for a customer that only wanted the two leg quarters. Anyway I overheard my colleague who was serving another customer who wanted to buy a wing quarter.

    So I yelled out, 'I have breasts here.' and only realized how wrong it sounded after my colleague started laughing -_-


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  • lol.. your cousin is maybe just super sensitive or on something...cuz she took it completely the wrong way..youre good

  • Was she kidding or does she have low self esteem?

    • Couldn't tell she didn't sound like she was. And I've never called anyone in my family ugly. She's 17 and very bright.

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  • I had a response all ready based on the title but now it doesn't really work...

    I'll say it anyways though.

    I usually have longish hair, but a few summers ago I cut it short. So I was talking to a female friend about having to use product in it to get it to look right, and said "If I play with it too much, my hand gets sticky, but otherwise it's not too bad."

    She caught it before I realized what I had said and started cracking up. Gotta love it when things like that slip out.

  • so, is she?

  • Yeah my mom came into the room where we watch sports and asked me what inning the football game was in. I politely told her to go back to the kitchen, and she took it the complete wrong way.

    • Hahaha...

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    • better than saying go make me a sammich...lol..but totally wrong dude and hilarious at the same time

    • Thank you! Your man should give you the night off for praising my answer!