A guy I have 2 classes with but have never talked to? Could he like me?

I have 2 classes with this guy. He is extremely outgoing where as I am pretty shy. I talk to a lot of the same people he talks to on class, but yet we've never spoken to each other. I think he's super hot, so of course I look at him every once in a while and majority of times he's already looking at me and will look away quickly. I just think its weird that he's so outgoing with everyone else yet hasn't spoke to me. I wonder if it's because he might think I'm pretty or he just thinks I'm ugly and not worth talking to? What does it seem like to you?


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  • its really impossible to say for sure based on such little contact . it doesn't sound like you have ever talked to him .

    does he allready have a girlfriend ? or dating anyone as he sounds outgoing and could allready be dating someone .

    anyways the first step is to talk to him someone otherwise its extremly doubtful this is going anywhere


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