For people who prefer little/no makeup: What do you think of a slight fake tan?

When I put make up on, I just put some foundation under my eyes to hide my dark circles and some bronzer to give me some color.

My heredity is English, Irish and Italian, so I have the Irish pale skin and the Italian dark hair/eyes. The dark hair/eyes makes my pale skin look even paler and I look ill without some color (when I was a child, my Mum took me to the Doctor lol, but he said it's naturally pale skin and my dark hair adding contrast).

I do tan really easily, but I don't want to try to tan because long-term it isn't good.

I want to start wearing a fake tan. Not much, just so it doesn't look white anymore. I know how to make my own natural one (DHA powder).


Do you think this is being fake? I don't wear much make up like most girls do. The last time I wore eyeshadow, mascara etc was for my graduation. I do prefer the natural look, but I just don't like my pale skin (which also makes rings under my eyes show up).

Please be honest.

Thank you in advance.


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  • It's ugly.

    • Even if it's natural?

      I've read people on here say they don't like makeup on the skin, such as foundation, but they probably mean when you can see it. You can apply a tiny a mount so that it makes a difference but no-one could tell.

      The same with fake tan.

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    • I'm glad my answer sparked such a deep discussion. It should be BA.

    • Haha! You're right


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  • A slight fake tan can look good on a female due to people looking pale being associated with illness.

    This has a psychological effect, by appealing to hardcoded mating selection from a more primitive time when a mate would be selected if they looked health enough to nurture life.

    Although this may seem scientific, this instinct still exists.

  • I don't like that..I am fine with eye, eyebrow and lip makeup but I don't like that other stuff...concealer, blush, foundation & bronzer...ugh...really hate that stuff...o.O...>:(

  • Nope I don't like it and I do like pale skin.


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  • I find nothing wrong with a slight fake tan. On special occasions I'll usually do my legs, and it always ends up looking completely natural. I tan very difficult as I have sensitive skin so that's why I do it. If you really manage to get it to look natural there's no worrying on whether it's fake or not. No one will be able to tell and won't know :P

  • Having pale Irish skin and dark hair I know exactly what you're talking about. A little bit of color always looks better and more importantly makes you feel better and so more confident. Most guys cannot tell the difference between a good fake tan and a natural one. As long as you don't go overboard and look orange its fine and much healthier than sitting in the sun for hours or using sunbeds

  • Looks good when you don't look orange