Are there any guys out there that actually want to get married? If so what are you looking forward to most?

It doesn't seem like there are many who actually look forward to it. Not that there's anything wrong with not wanting to get married. I would just like to know how many of you out there are actually looking forward to it if the right girl were to come along.

If you're against marriage don't bother answering please. Not that your opinion about it isn't valued, I just want this to be more on the positive side because there's so many negative ones.


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  • I do. I practically dream of finding a girl to marry and spend the rest of my life with in a nice house and be able to share personal things with and learn new things about each other along the way:) I think the part I would love the most is that she would love me for who I am and understand me. so yes there are guys out there. A word of avice: If he sticks around for a couple months and you haven't put out yet, he's probably worth pursuing.


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  • I want to if I ever find the tight girl. But all I meet are the crazy ones!

  • Well. I am 49 years old and married my late wife. She died two years ago and she was such that it may be very difficult or impossible to replace so sweet a girl. She was loyal, loving, faithful and devoted which I will find hard to match in another woman. I would not mind having a female partner, but I cannot go through a marriage again as my daughter is 13 and son 8. So I loved the girl I married, but she is dead now, died at 37.


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