My eyebrows were better before?

When I was getting my nails done, the lady at the salon said I should get my eyebrows done cause I had some hairs out of place or something like that. I've been complimented on my brows before and always thought they were nice, but agreed as I thought maybe they just needed a cleanup. I told her to keep them natural...Well, she completely reshaped them! It's a thinner version of my brow and she thinned the front part of my brow. It doesn't look terrible-terrible, but I liked my brows before. I don't have a pic, but before they were thicker, a little like Keira Knightleys. I filled them in a bit with a pencil but it's not the same :(

After she finished, she said they look much better and nice.

Do some people (i.e., her) have a whack perception? Or do some women think a thinner brow looks better? Why mess up a brow that is naturally thicker?


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  • My eyebrows are thicker and naturally shaped like Megan Fox's so I just go for cleanups. This one time though I went to a new nail place and got a cleanup while I was there and the way she waxed them I looked like I was surprised all the time. I was so upset.

    Now every time I go in I have a picture of how I want them to look when they are finished. That sucks though. I have found though a lot of times they (nail techs) prefer a thinner brow. I have always like a thicker more natural yet clean look. I am sure in a few weeks they will start looking back to normal, but definitely have someone else do them.


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  • maybe she just wanted to make money or she did a crappy job. it depends on your face and how thick your brows were before.

    my brows are not thick to begin with but I used to tweeze (huge mistake) so they were thin for a very long time because I started getting them done btu didn't grow them out first. I finally let them grow (letting them grow really sucks because they get so messy) but they look so much better now. they will never be thick and full though that's just not how my brows are, so I enhance them with pencil and powder. at least they are not skinny now just thin and probably as thick as they will get.

  • :(

    yes some people have bad opinion on how your brow should look. thin isn't always a good look.

    did the lady say something like "you eyebrow need done. I make look better"

  • I mean she's not going to say that they look better after she did them so you pay her... I'd wait for them to thicken out. I have really thick eyebrows and the same happened to me. I've just let them grow free for a few weeks (minus cleaning up my unibrow) and my old shape kind of came back.