Someone told me I should go back blonde..what should I do?

I've been blond (bleached not natural) my whole life until last year when I dyed my hair brown. most people say they like it better brown but this is the first time someone said I should go back blond and I don't know what to do! sometimes I feel like I was hotter with blond hair but I think blond hair looks actually kinda slutty. brown hair brings out my blue eyes and looks classy and idk. I like both and I just don't know what suits me better!


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  • i think it depends on the person. usually people should stay in their natural family IMO.

    my hair is that shade between blond and brown, kind of dishwatery- where I am a lot lighter than a brunette but not truly blond anymore. I was a blond kid, I have light skin and light eyes. so I know I would be better off going lighter than darker.

    if you are a natural brunette, I would go to a shade of brown, maybe a little lighter or darker is fine but keep it in your natural family or just do highlights.

    if you are blond or a blond child with that not quite brunette or not quite blond hair I would say some shade of blond is fine but you could probably also pull off a very light brown.

    i can't make a blanket statement because I don't know what you look like.


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  • I would prefer brown...but that is only me...(:(:(:

  • Sounds like we got ourselves in a real pickle here!


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  • uhm...why are you debating on one color or another due to the fact that one person said you look better another way...

    actually why don't you just use your own perspective and or opinion and decide than...

    what color YOU like best...

    good luck


  • Why don't you think about what YOU like? :) It doesn't matter if someone likes you more with blond or brown hair, what matters is what you think looks best on you and what you feel the most comfortable with.