Girls: Would you think a guy isn't interested if he does this?

When I'm at university or just out in public I notice girls looking at me. Whenever I see a girl looking at me or looking my way I immediately look away or just look down at the ground. It isn't because I don't find them attractive (some of them are actually really cute) but because I am shy and can't hold eye contact if my life depended on it. Even today in the library as I was walking up the stairs there was a cute girl waiting at the top of the stairs and she was looking at me the whole time I was making my way up. I kept looking at her and then looking at the ground like 5 times. Pretty awkward! Would you girls think that a guy isn't interested if he acts like this?


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  • i woluld because guys tend to make full eye contact.

    to get around your issue you can look, turn away then smile to yourself. let her see you smile so she knows your interested and because your acting shy she might come up to u. now a lot of girls may look at you and signal you better come talk to me lol now in this case you better gather up some courage or shell walk away


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  • I wouldn't think the guy is disinterested, or interested. I just wouldn't know. If a guy is looking at me I always look away too, regardless of how attractive I find them, so I wouldn't be surprised if a guy did the same.

    • If you were looking at me I would be too shy to hold eye contact. I would look away too.

  • Hmmmm, yeah. I'd expect him to smirk or smile or even incline his head a little bit to signal that he's acknowledging that I'm looking at him.

  • I would be guess his though process is going like "ew what a gross chick look away look away"

    • If the girl in question is you, that definitely would not be my thought process. It would be more like "that gorgeous girl is not looking at you, she is looking at the guy walking behind you. stop looking at her before she gives you a slap"

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    • Haha, I guess. But I would feel really stupid if I went to approach a girl who I thought was looking at me but she wasn't (whether she was looking at someone else or was just daydreaming in my direction).

    • Then just don't mention her looking at you and say hi anyways.

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