How I make him see that I've grown up!?

How do I make this guy see that I've grown up!?

He's my brothers friend and I've had a crush on him for 4 years. My brother has known him for a long time like 6 or 7 years and I was a very ugly child when I was small but now that I've grown (16years old) you could say that I have an attractive figure and a pretty face but he still sees me as a kid! He's 18 years old he knows I like him and he doesn't talk to me he used to but after I started liking him things got awkward and we've stopped talking now. He still looks at me and stares when I'm not looking. The problem is how can I show him I'm not a child anymore!?.


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  • Start a money market account. Chicka-chicka-yeah.


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  • Stop trying so hard for his attention would be a good start. From my experience, guys don't particularly like a girl who acts desperate. Do your own thing. Don't focus your entire day around trying to get attention from him. Then he make take notice. Or he may not. Either way, you should focus on yourself and not some boy.