Ok ladies I am not trying to sound narcissistic or anything but if I am sorry. Now I know that when a girl calls you cute it means your attractive, but what does it means why they call cute, really really really cute, hot, sexy,damn, handsome, and even pretty.

Ok I get it that all those are good, but what's the difference? Cause I have had girls say oh that guy's cute, but he's not hot, or that guys hot but not sexy. What is going on here?


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  • These are my personal opinions:

    Cute: He is adorable, a teddy bear and I just want to hug him and pinch his cheeks.

    Hot: He has abs of steel and looks like a CK model.

    Sexy: There is something about the way he carries himself that makes me very attracted to him and arouses me in a sexual way. He could be "ugly" and still be sexy; sexy is all about attitude. The way he walks, the way he talks, the tone of his voice, etc.

    Handsome: He has classical attractive features like a Grecian statue.

    Pretty: Boy George.

    Sometimes, one guy can be all of these things once you get to know him.


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  • It means very attractive. The difference between cute and hot is the difference between burning hot and warm. Cute to me is warm.

  • 1.cute I feel is like adorable like in face type of thing. is when he have a cute face and banging body

    3. handsome I feel a boy is attractive in a very masculine way

    4. pretty I feel is like when a boy have a romantic/feminine look to him, most of the times it's when a guy have real pretty eyes and have a nice body.

    i think sexy go in the same category as hot

  • Cute to me is basically I like you and I'm attracted, but not in an 'I wanna bang you right now' kind of way. If I call someone cute I'm more likely to care about them. Hot basically spells out sexy..

  • okk listen... cute is like little kid stuff ok?, hot is like "id tap that", then sexy is better then hot because is is used stronger...

  • "Cute" is what I call ugly guys.. I'm sorry I'm just being honest. I can't call then 'hot' or 'smokin' or 'gorgeous' or 'handsome' or 'goodlooking' beacuse its a lie, but 'cute' I can call anyone, because it refers more to personality or an action o something I might appreciate about the way they look..


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