Went to the club the other night and no guys really talked to me. Not a biggie, but a lot of guys stared.

Some guys looked at me and mouthed 'wow' when we made eye contact..or starred at me really intensely lol. I'm just curious why guys behave in this kinda way? When you look at a girl and you don't confront or even smile, you just hardcore stare or talk to your buddies while looking at the girl...


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  • Some women don't like to be approached in clubs. They probably assumed you were one of them


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  • Obviously looked intimidatingly good looking, you probably made them feel as though you were not attainable OR they felt you would shot them down. Bring down the hotness one or 2 notches next time, you won't get stared at but you might get talked to and even have someone to dance with. ;)

    • Thank you for that. I feel bad because I don't want to come across as to Intimidating but apparently I do. Not only at the club but in general...when I'm out, at the gym, basically anytime. I'm not going to sound full of it because I'm really not but I'm good looking but sometimes I'm scared I won't ever Find someone because guys for the most part won't come up to me. Is it my looks cause I'm not talking and turning these guys away, they just don't confront me but so many stares